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The reference pictures used for these two portraits are a good choice - not over-used/exposed & a different look for both characters, e...




The news filtered out across the city that the attempt to capture 'The Colour of Magick' had been unsuccessful. The Times did its best to cover the story sympathetically especially in the light of Constable Lumwinkle's loss but some of the other rags were far more critical. However, there was light at the end of the tunnel or perhaps there was a tunnel at the end of the light because as morning broke, the racing certainty was on its way to the University.


Otto hammered on the enormous doors of Unseen University suddenly realising that Lily, as a woman, wasn't going to be allowed inside, "Ve might haff a problem," he said before explaining the entrance policy.

"Well if they're not willing to compromise for the sake of their own city blowing up then perhaps we should leave them to it. Or they…they...they can bloody well talk outside!" She bristled.

The door opened a crack, Wizards were not well-known as early risers but their staff* were. Spotting Lily, the elderly cleaner jerked a thumb towards the tradesmen's entrance. Begrudgingly they dashed as quickly as they could round the back and were met by a bleary-eyed Ponder who was loathe to let them in that way either.

*Not the ones with a knob on the end**

**Well, probably not

"But your cleaner is a woman!" Lily argued, incredulous.

"Mrs Mutch? Well I suppose but she doesn't really count…"

"Why? Because she's old? Because she's staff?"

Ponder ummed.

"If you could tell zer faculty zat it is a matter of great urgency, perhaps they could convene at our shop in zer next hour?" Otto suggested as a compromise. He turned to Lily, "Ve get Villiam and zer Vatch on zer vay back and ve can kill zer sheep viz zer vun boulder."

She shrugged but agreed.

"Is there um... any chance there'll be breakfast?" Ponder asked hopefully.

"Of course!" Lily returned, deliberately misunderstanding, "I'm sure everybody will be grateful for you bringing it. Such a kind offer!"

"That's not what I…"

But they were already leaving, "Scrambled, crispy bacon and zer fried slice for me!" the vampire cheekily called back over his shoulder.


The Wizards were the last to arrive but true to their mistaken word they had brought breakfast and the goblins set about distributing bacon butties, eggs; scrambled, fried, boiled and poached and a seemingly endless supply of hot buttered toast. There was nearly an endless supply of hungry mouths to feed as well, as the little shop was already filled with the Times, the Watch and of course Team Pictsie.

Otto and Lily stood behind the shop counter and began to explain how they were going to save the city from certain destruction.

"Are you avare of how zer spectrum vorks?" Otto began, the Wizards all nodded and hurumphed but for the benefit of everyone else, "Zere are zer seven colours you see in zer rainbow. At vun end zere is infra-black vhich you only see under certain circumstances," the Bursar cringed, "and at zer ozzer end zere is Octarine vhich is zer colour of magic."

"But," Lily continued, "all of those colours are to be found within normal natural light. White light contains them all."

"Nah…" Nobby disagreed, "Don't see it myself."

'The Turning of the Cogs' produced a glass prism and placed it on the counter, "Pointy hats, please be shifting it!" She waved the Wizards away from the window so that a beam of day light hit the Prism, split and prettily created a rainbow in front of them. "Only the Pointy hats can see the Octarine, but it there!" The pointy hats nodded in agreement.

"White light won't kill you," Lily explained.

"Speak for yourself," Otto muttered wrily.

"Sorry," she smiled apologetically, "but large amounts of Octarine will and in a most unpleasant way I should think. So, what we need to do is this," she pointed at the rainbow, leading her finger back to the white light. "If we can add all the other colours to the Octarine as it is released from the book we can potentially neutralise it."

"But how are we supposed to do that?" Vimes asked hoping they had an answer.

"Filters!" 'Moon under the Mountain' waved them in front of his eyes giving him momentary kaleidoscopic vision. He waved her away with a scowl.

"Filters and salamanders," Otto elucidated, "due to a little accident vhich now perhaps is serendipitous ve have a very large amount of salamanders in zer store room." Lily blushed, remembering the little accident very well. The salamanders had bred like rabbits.

"We need to enlarge the filters we have," she continued, "perhaps the University could help with that? Then set off the salamanders to send the seven colours to the book to neutralise the Octarine. The beams could be directed by the mirrored golems you used?"

"It's…genius!" Ridcully announced around his bacon sandwich. Ponder agreed but there was a problem, "We still don't know where or when the book will appear."

"We does actually," 'The Dust on the Sideboard' lay out a series of iconographs of what was very clearly Sator Square. In each picture there was Dulling and the book. Vimes squinted, "This Saturday at noon."

"How do you know?" Ridcully boomed.

"Market stalls. Market day is Saturday and see there?" He pointed to the clock tower, both hands on the twelve.

"Will it work this time?" William de Worde asked.

"It has to. For all our sakes." Lily said plainly, "and if there's a chance to save Mr Dulling too," she bit her lip, her voice quavering slightly, "then we had all better make it happen."


Meanwhile Neville Flach had had an epiphany. He also had a first class ticket to Ankh-Morpork. As the train pulled out he hoped he might actually have the courage to do the right thing for once. He also hoped the copious amounts of garlic he'd secreted about his person would help him avoid Larry's fate.
Seeing the Light - Chapter 24
It all started with the 'Colour of Magic' but now there's a new book, 'The Colour of Magick' and it's so insistent to be read that it up and brought itself into existence. Ankh-Morpork is about to be painted red...and orange and yellow. It will take the the Watch, the Wizards, the Vampires and plenty of ingenuity to check the book back into the library before the city checks out.…
Reinforcements were being put together and the City was going to be taking no chances this time round. Vimes had been given permission by the Patrician to use any and all resources necessary. This is why, shortly after Chrononhotonthologos Street had been evacuated, the golems of all shapes but definitely only one size* made their heavy footed way to the waiting Wizards.


Wands at the ready and led by Ponder they set about covering each of the stone beings in a mirrored layer. They would act as a reflective wall to bounce the light back at the book and away from the Watch who were now wearing their equally reflective glasses.

"I don't know habout you Nobby, but hi think they qhuite suit me," Sergeant Colon checked out his reflection in the Corporal's own glasses.

"Yer," Nobby agreed as they slowly walked up and down the thoroughfare together. "I fink they should be standard issue."

Captain Carrot called the pair over, "Could you two keep guard at Scoone Avenue? The Chromodemons are going to be coming in that way and we need to make sure no-one tries to sneak in with them. Absolutely nobody must come in or out without us knowing."

"You can count on us Sah!" Colon saluted and they continued their stroll in that direction. The likelihood that any of the upper middle class of that particular avenue would happen to wish to sneak anywhere was low. One did not sneak; one held one's nose aloft and made sure all were aware of one's presence. Nonetheless, Carrot preferred to keep the pair busy.

One thing everyone was unsure of was the exact position on the street that Dulling and the book would appear. They didn't even know if he would walk in like a mere mortal or somehow magically apparate. They arranged themselves in a circle in the centre of the street, Watch in the middle, Commander Vimes in the very middle, then a ring of Wizards all ready to release chromodemons from their tanks. The shiny golems made up the perimeter of the group. The toothsome book trap was positioned at the front. It was on wheels and had two strong ropes attached so that the golems could quickly move the device when the book was spotted. The rest of the university Faculty were still at Unseen University frantically summoning chromodemons that were being transported to the scene right up until 7:30pm.

Tension was high, nerves were frayed and the clock ticked down. Captain Carrot turned to Ponder and asked a very pertinent question, "Tell me, Mr Stibbons, can the future be changed?"

"Um…why do you ask?" although he knew exactly why he was asking.

"Because the pictures of the future show that between 7:45 and 7:47 this street becomes violet. But if we prevent that from happening, then the pictures would show a clean street. But they don't so, does that mean that time will change? Or does that mean our efforts will be in vain?"

"Yes," Ponder answered.

"Yes?" Carrot repeated.

The clock clicked over to 7:44. "I'll be able to give you a more specific answer in say, a couple of minutes?"


Dulling was at the edge of the world and everything was overcast with violet. He could feel the familiar pull, the dragging from this picture world to the real world and he resisted but it was no use. He stepped out into a street he didn't recognise and saw the circle of golems facing him, but instead of the book insisting Dulling open it, he was back in the shadows again. Moments later he reappeared at the centre of the circle.

Oh see how they run!


Those next couple of minutes became chaos. Vimes yelled for his Watchmen and women to get out of there and thankfully the golems were quick to follow instructions or else they would all have been trapped with Dulling and the book. The Wizards released the chromodemons but as the book opened it was clear there simply weren't enough of them. The book trap had broken free and was rolling away and all the while violet light streamed out into the air around them. Then there was a crack as the book whipped closed and both it and Dulling were gone.

There was dead silence immediately afterward broken by a cry of "Nooo!" from one of the younger officers who fell to his knees beside his partner, Constable Lumwinkle. Her little glasses had been knocked off in all the confusion and now her violet eyes stared blankly upward. All told, despite their best efforts, the whole undertaking had been a disaster and now oblivion lay just around the corner.

Captain Carrot looked at Ponder who made to speak, but the Captain shook his head. This was not a time for words. The young officer unclipped his cape and laid it over the gnome before gently picking her up and led by Vimes began the slow, sad walk to Pseudopolis Yard.
Seeing the Light - Chapter 23
It all started with the 'Colour of Magic' but now there's a new book, 'The Colour of Magick' and it's so insistent to be read that it up and brought itself into existence. Ankh-Morpork is about to be painted red...and orange and yellow. It will take the the Watch, the Wizards, the Vampires and plenty of ingenuity to check the book back into the library before the city checks out.…
The problem with best-laid plans is that reality often didn't bother to turn up to the planning meeting and had an agenda entirely its own. In this case, whilst Ponder Stibbons was busy taking pictures of a red-tailed cat, employees of the Times were high-tailing it to the far end of Treacle Mine Road where there were reports of a house having had a rather deadly make-over.

Dulling had tried, by all the Gods he had tried, to fight the book but it was simply too powerful. Part of the power was his very own strength, the harder he resisted the more the book could draw from him. It was broad daylight when he found himself outside 14, Treacle Mine Rd, heavy tome under one arm. He was compelled to knock on the door. Each knock felt like a nail being driven into his heart. He heard footsteps and presently an elderly gentleman opened the door a crack, a chain across preventing it from going any further. He eyeballed Dulling who was trembling and covered with a cold sweat.

"I tole those bleedin' hawkers I don't want none 'o their encyclyopeedyahs. I can't even bloody read for chuff's sakes. What's the point in writing fings down when yer can just say stuff eh?"

Dulling stood his ground, swaying slightly.

"Well go on then, bugger off wi' yer!"

Unfortunately that was when the senior citizen got his first and only reading lesson. Who says you can't teach an old sod new tricks?


Not long after that the Watch arrived at the crime scene although it was already crawling with reporters.

"I don't think we're going to need the clock," Vimes barked at Stibbons, frustrated that they were once again too late and one colourful step closer to oblivion. "Right, you vultures," he addressed the press, "clear out so we can get on with our jobs eh?"

"Not doing it that well at the moment though are you?" a reporter from the Ankh-Morpork Inquirer, one of the rivals to the Times, yelled from the back of the throng.

"Perhaps you'd like to discuss the matter further down at the station?" Vimes replied scathingly, "Because if any of you remain any longer than the next thirty seconds I'll have you all for breach of the peace."

Nobby and Fred meaningfully jangled their cuffs and the crowd started to take their leave.

The terraced house appeared to be made of night sky, an indigo stripe had shot from pavement to rooftop, blowing the door off its hinges, mercifully killing the single occupant instantly.

As more of the Watch arrived they and the team of Wizards were at least very efficient at tidying up. Whilst disappointed
Ponder was not downhearted, "We know at least that we can find the location by using the Pictsie. That part worked. We should waste no time in finding the next location and then placing the clock."

Vimes had to agree and thirty minutes later they were fitting a clock to the wall at the centre of Chrononhotonthologos Street. There were no major problems* and the second part of the plan also appeared to work. In the pictures the street was clear at seven forty five pm tomorrow night, then at seven forty seven it was entirely violet.

*Apart from the difficulty pronouncing the street name.


Otto arrived at the shop just as it was closing, carrying a new fold-down kitchen table. "I brought zer table, if you don't mind makink zer dinner," he teased.

Later when they sat together to eat he had something rather important to tell her, "Lily, zer Vatch know vot has happened to Mr Dullink."

She put down her fork, "Where is he? Is he alright?"

Otto sighed, there was no good way to say it, "He is viz zer book. Like Dazzle voz."

Tears sprang into Lily's eyes, "The book is making him kill all those people?" She put her hand to her mouth and began to cry, great big sobs. Otto knelt by her side and pulled her to him.

"He is fightink it. He varned people remember? He is still our Mr Dullink, perhaps zere is a chance?" but in his heart of hearts he felt they had lost him.

As Lily dried her tears and sniffled, a look of resolve settled on her features, "We need more than a chance, Otto. We need a racing certainty and we're going to make it happen. Call the goblins. Team Pictsie has work to do."
Seeing the Light - Chapter 22
It all started with the 'Colour of Magic' but now there's a new book, 'The Colour of Magick' and it's so insistent to be read that it up and brought itself into existence. Ankh-Morpork is about to be painted red...and orange, and yellow. It will take the the Watch, the Wizards, the Vampires and plenty of ingenuity to check the book back into the library before the city checks out.…
"We're going to have to resort to plan B my lad," Erik Von Kugelstadt said, sipping at a rather nice port in the smoking room at Flach House.

Neville was not so much getting cold feet as they were turning to ice. "I'm not so sure we…"

Talking over his son, "We can only assume that the vampire I sent was unsuccessful in her mission, being as she's not returned. But, what's better than sending a vampire to kill an inconvenient relative?"

Neville didn't know.

"Sending three vampires!"


At Pseudopolis Yard a game plan was being put together and a rather diverse team had been assembled for the task; almost every species Ankh-Morpork had to offer in fact, including the first Gnome officer of the Watch, Constable Lumwinkle. He was tiny but capable of surprising strength. The criminal fraternity would need to watch their ankles in future.

"Mr Stibbons, would you mind running through your proposed method of detection for us? Keep it simple for the more linear minded of us," he glanced at Nobby momentarily.

"We have created an early warning system using a combination of our cat scan," he indicated Doreen in her cage, "and the Brownie Mark 2. In order to locate where the 'Colour of Magick' will strike next, we're going to take pictures of Doreen. In theory we hope to see her at the future indigo crime scene. With a wide enough shot we should be able to identify the location. We will then go to that location and take further pictures to determine when the crime will occur."

"How will you know when though?" Captain Carrot asked.

"By fitting a clock with a calendar display in a suitable place so that it will not be moved. Then as long as the clock is in shot when the picture is taken, we can determine when the future crime takes place."

It was quite ingenious, but whether it would work was quite another thing. Commander Vimes stepped in, "Sergeant Angua informs me that our new Colour Killer is an Orc by the name of Mr Dulling." He handed out a picture of 'Team Brownie' that had been printed in the Times and it did the rounds. "Although our witness didn't see much, he did say that Dulling saved his life,"

"Obviously never ate one of 'is sausages then," Nobby piped up. There was some nervous laughter but Vimes stopped it dead.

"He saved his life by shouting 'Run!'which gives us reason to believe he is attempting to fight what is essentially a possession. Nonetheless we take no chances and we will have to use whatever force necessary to take Dulling and the book down."

Ponder continued. "Once the location is found, we'll need to close off the area and be set up nearby to release the chromodemons at the right moment. My team from the University will then be able to contain the book with this."

Two of his students nervously pulled a cloth off of a nasty looking Octiron bear-trap. "Whilst we Wizards are somewhat immune, we have one more method of protection lest any of you look into the light." He took off his round-rimmed glasses and replaced them with a cool pair of shades. "We should have enough ready for you all in the next two hours."

"Alright then," Vimes concluded, addressing the officers, "you lot over here and get your duties assigned while the men in pointy hats weave their magic."
Seeing the Light - Chapter 21
It all started with the 'Colour of Magic' but now there's a new book, 'The Colour of Magick' and it's so insistent to be read that it up & brought itself into existence. Ankh-Morpork is about to be painted red...and orange, and yellow. It will take the the Watch, the Wizards, the Vampires and plenty of ingenuity to check the book back into the library before the city checks out.…
Seeing the Light
Cover illustration for my Discworld fan-fic 'Seeing the Light'

It all started with the 'Colour of Magic' but now there's a new book, 'The Colour of Magick' and it's so insistent to be read that it up & brought itself into existence. Ankh-Morpork is about to be painted red...and orange, and yellow. It will take the the Watch, the Wizards, the Vampires and plenty of ingenuity to check the book back into the library before the city checks out.…
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